A little harsh perhaps? Well, these aren't my words, but the words of thousands of people marching through Moscow streets, protesting Russia's new law banning Americans from adopting Russian children. Why would they do this? In retaliation for a new U.S. law targeting Russians accused of human rights abuses. So, can you blame the protesters for their choice of vocabulary? I mean, victimizing children to make a political point? What is going on? How is this ok? 

This isn't a space to vent about politics, but it's just so hard sometimes to see any intelligence in some political decisions and that can be so frustrating. Why would anyone want to hurt children? Who could be more innocent? How do these people sleep at night...the ones who make these decisions? 

I have absolutely no answers. I'm sorry. All I have are questions. Questions and a broken heart for all those children who need families and are being deprived of them due to the self indulgence and small mindedness of egotistical people in power.

I truly don't know what we can do. Like the protesters, I am outraged. I just wanted to share.