I can see that I'm definitely slowing down in my blog posts. I'm busy these days and writing here is usually not on my mind. However, when something significant happens in the adoption field, I like to share my thoughts. Reading this past weekend Globe and Mail, I came across this announcement from the province of New Brunswick: On April 1, 2018, Birth Records Related To An Adoption Are Being Opened in New Brunswick. No doubt, I was very happy to read this, but that feeling was truly through a sarcastic lens. Really? It's 2018. Ontario opened records in 2008 after lots and lots of lobbying from very dedicated groups (aka Parent Finders Ottawa), but at least it was done. It boggles my mind that there has been this sense of entitlement on the part of governments to deprive people of their basic rights..their own information. Birth parents, please don't get me wrong. I absolutely respect your need for privacy, but, at the very least you should be given the option of upholding that privacy or forgoing it. For the sake of your child. What does the government have to do with that decision, aside from holding and facilitating the transfer of information? I've spend the majority of my adult life working in this field and I have seen many positive changes towards greater respect for all participants in the adoption circle. It is a slow going train, but, it is going in the right direction. Happy family day!