During the holiday season, it's so easy to overlook the greatest gifts of all. The ones that can't be bought because they don't have a price. The ones that strike us in such a deep place that there is no option but to respond with tears. I read of such a gift on Dec. 22 when the Ottawa Citizen published this article on a family receiving their child:  http://www.ottawacitizen.com/life/holiday-guide-2011/Gift+parenthood+still+leaves+tongue+tied/5896268/story.html.
I know you're gulping right now. Read the article. It is truly a delight and will be certain to leave you smiling. 

Of course, there are much lesser gifts we can give that still can mean the world to others. Helping out at a soup kitchen, delivering Christmas hampers, buying a homeless person a cup of coffee. Why we often don't think of doing this the whole year through is a mystery to me. Perhaps this is why we need such holidays as Christmas, Hanukkah, or any others that remind us that we share this world and that we have an obligation to help others who have less than us. Ancient wisdom from the teachings of Kabbalah exerts that "it is the giving that fulfills us". 

Wishing you all a fulfilled new year.