Adoption is not the ideal situation for any child, but it can be good...really good. But just because something is good doesn't mean there aren't some aspects that don't feel so good. Rejection doesn't feel good. Abandonment doesn't feel good. Not knowing who you came from doesn't feel good. But this IS the reality for so many adopted children. Especially children adopted internationally.

So, what to do? Just give up on the whole idea of adoption? Is it really not a good idea after all? No, I'm not saying that at all. What I am saying, is that if you do decide that adoption is right for you...for your family, be aware of the good/not so good dichotomy. Acknowledge that every adopted child has two families. That this other family is very important to your child. That it will be your job to give permission to your child to love this other family. 

For a heart warming and heart tugging depiction of the importance of the two families of adopted children, take a look at this TVO