Last week, I had the honour of participating in a wonderful experience.  As the counsellor to a lovely birth mother, who had chosen to place her newborn child for adoption, I was able to witness an abundance of love bestowed upon the central player in the adoption circle; the child. This love was shared and shown by the birth mother and the adoptive parents. How do I know that? When I see a birth mother expressing her newly created colostrum and giving the bottle to the adoptive parents to feed 'their' baby, I see love. When I see the newly created parents, exhausted from being at the hospital for extended hours throughout the birth mother's labour and eventual delivery, giving the birth mother private space to be alone with her child, I see love. 

I am so grateful to be working in this field when there is the potential for witnessing this love. I am in admiration of the birth parents who have the self awareness and love for their child needed to make an adoption plan and I am in admiration of the adoptive parents, who, often after experiencing a depth of loss so great, embrace this new child along with the child's birth family as one package.

This is a very good time to be working in adoption. This is a very good time to be adopting a child.