Kudos for the production of the new film Philomena. Needless to say, with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in lead roles, the film is tremendous. But my attention went beyond the spectacular performances and more so to the poignant and accurate depiction of a birth mother's deep grief regarding the 'loss' of her child.

Anyone who wants to see just a great film should see Philomena. Anyone who is interested in knowing just a bit more about the emotional aspects of adoption should see Philomena. Anyone who is considering adopting a child should run to the theatre!

The film will give you an opportunity to gain the gift of compassion and empathy for birth parents who place their children for adoption, whether voluntarily or not. Specifically, the film will provide you with the much needed lens to view the birth parents as experiencing loss that runs to their core. And as a result, you will be better prepared to participate in an adoption plan that ultimately benefits your children.