Your child's not sleeping well, you find yourself alone more than you've ever been, and you wonder if your presence in your child's life is more of a curse than a blessing. Be honest, people. Who hasn't experienced at least one of these conditions? Exhaustion, isolation, and self doubt are the accepted tenets of early parenthood, are they not? Note: I didn't say early biological parenthood. Why would these conditions apply only to those parents who gave birth to their child?  Is it possible that  exhaustion, isolation, and self doubt have a privileged place in the lives of biological parents and all others just sail through the early days of parenthood? Of course, I'm being facetious. Of course, this is a reality for some adoptive parents too. After all, when we talk about exhaustion, a lack of support, and self doubt, we are not talking about genetics or birth experience. We are talking about the likely outcomes of parenting a young child who is adapting to their new environment and parents who are adjusting to their new reality. 

So, all of this brings me to the question of 'post adoption blues', akin to postpartum depression. Can it be real if you haven't given birth and thus produced the onslaught of hormones that mess with your mind and emotions? Of course, of course, of course. Adoptive parents are just as entitled as biological parents to feel miserable after their new child comes home. Knowing this right of passage is yours to indulge in, please ensure that you have support to help you get through this transition. Be honest with family members and friends and tell them you need their support. Put your ego in the bottom drawer, prioritize your child's needs by taking care of yourself, and scream for help!

Gain some knowledge on the subject and take a look at this new study by Purdue University: 

Now, go get some sleep!