It may have taken 16 years, but I finally feel the urge to write another book. Since Rosie continues to happily make her way into the hands of many children, I felt I should honour her for her tenacity, longevity, and stick to it-ness. Technically she should be 23 years old, right? Well, she was 7 in 2001 and so...she has to be 23 in 2017.  As a 23 year old, Rosie probably has some great insight to share with the world about her adoption experience. So, it makes perfect sense that my next book should be about the voices of youth. 

Think about it. Parents who adopted their children are most often turning to counsellors or books written by counsellors to help understand their children's needs surrounding adoption. This is definitely a reasonable and, often, successful option, but I also believe the voices of the children are essential for gaining an accurate picture of their needs.

So, although thinking about Rosie may have triggered this new idea, I'm not going to disturb her current work. Instead, I'm looking to get on board a whole bunch of new characters...people this time.  Real (don't tell her) people. People between 15-25 and were adopted and want to use their voice to help parents understand what they need. If that's you or someone you know, please contact me as I would love to chat. Your voice is really important. Click here to learn more.