Saturday, September 29, was a spectacular day. It was the Adoption Council of Canada's 4th annual Adoptwalk. Teaming up with The Children's Bridge Foundation, representatives from both agencies did a fantastic job in providing a fun filled day that raised funds for essential programs to aid children in care. 

Being there myself, I can attest to the direct relationship between the warming sun and the smiles on children's faces. At the registration table, I greeted the eager families who were excited to enjoy their day at the park. While Justin Bieber and Adele blared out on the spacious park grounds, kids jumped in the inflatable castles (or something like that), ate pizza and yes, actually completed the 5k walk. 

As an observer, I can say it was wonderful to see families coming out to celebrate adoption. Families of all sizes and situations came out on that beautiful Fall day to share their love of each other and their belief in adoption. Parents' pride of their families was apparent by simply their presence at this lovely gathering. 

It was all so spirited, dignified, and respectful, occurring in an environment of warmth, love, and joy. Wow, I guess that describes adoption!