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The workshop is available in three size formats.  Due to the differences in the number of participants, various aspects of the workshop changes resulting in different benefits for each format.  The large group format is much like a class room course that is held when there are a sufficient number of participants.  The small group format is made available when friends or people connected through organizations, support groups, etc. collectively organize for a workshop session.  Finally, the private session is made available for a personalized version of the workshop.

 The different benefits of each format is summarized as follows:

                                                                             Large Group            Small Group        Private Session

Number of participants                                          8 or more                3 - 7                    1 - 2

Can be held at your home                                      No                          Yes                      Yes

Course needs a minimum to proceed                     Yes                          Yes                      No

Can Include Guest Speaker                                    Yes                          No                       No

Incorporates Support Group Dynamics                   Yes                          Yes                      No

Can share and discuss personal experiences           Limited                   Moderately          Extensively

Includes a comprehensive course package             Yes                          Yes                     Yes

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