Adoption Support

Adoption is a journey that once it touches your life, it lasts a lifetime.  Like all of life's journeys, there are many moments of joy and there will also be challenging times. Sometimes in the challenging moments we need to reach out for support. 

The Adoption Source has helped many families on their adoption journey.  Despite all of the planning and up front work you have done to prepare for your adopted child's arrival, it may be tougher than you expected now that your child is home.  To ensure the success of your adoption, we have aligned with Dr. Catherine Horvath to help you meet the challenges you are facing.  We are happy to make a referral on your behalf or feel free to contact her directly.

In addition, you may wish to contact Adopt 4 Life which is Ontario's Adoptive Parent Association.  They offer a variety of options of community based support.  Click here to learn more.


Dr. Catherine Horvath is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist who is the Founder and Executive Director of the Ottawa Centre for Resilience (OCFR).  Dr. Horvath and the team at OCFR work with families where children are struggling with self-regulation and attachment as a result of adverse childhood experiences, complex developmental trauma, adoption related issues, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and involvement with the child welfare and/or criminal justice systems. Dr. Horvath and OCFR clinicians will provide clinical support to adoptive families when transitioning to their new roles and in developing and maintaining healthy attachments with each other.  For more information on Dr. Horvath's services and / or to book an appointment, please click here.

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