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How do I know if adoption is a good plan for my child? 

By speaking with a birth parent counsellor, you will gather information about adoption, discuss your feelings and make a decision that is in your and your child’s best interest. 

Will a birth parent counsellor try to pressure me into making an adoption plan for my child? 

No.  Your birth parent counsellor will not pressure you; rather, you will be given information so that you can make an informed choice. 

How do I begin the process? 

You can contact The Adoption Source or any Ontario licensee or licensed agency.

Do I get to choose the adoptive family? 

Yes.  You and the birth father are presented with profiles of families that your licensee/licensed agency will have received from prospective adoptive parents. You make the final choice. 

What if the birth father and myself do not agree on the same adoptive family? 

You both need to agree so you will have to review the available profiles or request further ones in order to make a unified decision. 

What if I don’t identify the birth father? 

It is in your child’s best interest to identify the birth father as it is important for a child to know as much as possible about his/her birth family for a sense of completeness about him/herself. 

What happens after we choose the adoptive family

Usually, we have a meeting with the adoptive family. Most birth parents feel relieved and more certain with their choice after this meeting. 

Can I ask the adoptive parents to be present for the birth of my child? 

Yes.  Prospective adoptive parents would be honoured with this request. 

Should I hold my child after he/she is born? 

This is encouraged, as it is your opportunity to look at your beautiful child that you created and to acknowledge to yourself that you made the best decision for this child. However, it is your choice.

How soon does the baby go to his/her new family after birth? 

As soon as your licensee/licensed agency receives approval from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services for the placement, which usually takes 48 hours after your child’s birth.

Can I change my mind about the adoption? 

Yes.  You and the birth father will sign the consent forms no sooner than eight days after the baby is born and then, you will have a further 21 days to change your minds. If you do change your mind, the licensee/agency will bring your baby from the adoptive family’s home to you. 

Can I receive pictures of my child after birth? 

Yes.  The intervals for this will be negotiated at the meeting with the adoptive parents. 

Can I have contact with my child after birth?

Most adoptions today are semi-open or fully open. If you request a semi-open adoption, you will receive packages of photos and letters from the adoptive parents at pre-determined intervals and you may have a visit from time to time. All contact will be arranged through the licensee/licensed agency. If you request a fully open adoption, you will also receive the packages of photos and letters at pre-determined intervals, plus, you and the adoptive parents will exchange contact information in order that you can build a relationship where you communicate and visit whenever it suits both of your schedules. Whether you choose semi-open or fully open, this will be your choice and will be discussed in detail at the meeting with the adoptive family. If this is what you would like, you must discuss this with your birth parent counsellor before reviewing the adoptive family profiles.

Can I access identifying information about my child in the future? 

Yes.  As of May 2008, adoption records in Ontario became open. This means that adopted adults and birth parents can apply for information from birth and adoption records if the adoption was registered in Ontario.  For more information, click here.  

If I’m having a difficult time coping after the placement of my child with the adoptive family, is there anyone I can talk to? 

Yes.  Your birth parent counsellor is available for counselling for at least six months after placement and until the adoption is finalized in court (no later than one year after placement). 

Do I pay any fees for the adoption or counselling? 

No.  The adoptive parents pay all fees directly to the licensee/licensed agency. 

Can I accept any money or goods from prospective adoptive parents? 

No.  This is illegal and is considered a punishable offence. 

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